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Fashionistots Brand Rep Team Search - The Terms

February 21, 2018

Fashionistots Brand Rep Team Search - The Terms

We are looking for our very first Brand Rep Team! We are looking for adorable babies and toddlers who love our brand, promote our products, and help us grow!


By becoming a Brand Rep for Fashionistots, you agree to the terms below:


The position is for a 3 month term; from March 3, 2018 until May 3, 2018. Unless otherwise stated, and if both parties are wanting to continue the contract after the 3 month term, the terms and conditions below still stand on a continuing contract:


Our team will be comprised of Brand Ambassadors and Brand Reps. 


  • Brand Rep or Ambassador must have public and active online presence, including Instagram and Facebook. Please message us if you have a private account.
  • Actively searches and uses Fashionistots and associated hashtags. Comments on photos showcasing Fashionistots products.
  • Promotes and shares any and all Fashionistots announcements, such as promotions, giveaways, contests, launches, events, etc.
  • Promotes our brand on your own social media and in general. Post and tag 4 unique images per month (1 photo per week) on Instagram or Facebook.
  • Genuine support and enthusiasm for the products and brand as evident in the photos and comments posted on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.
  • Tests products and gives helpful advice on fittings and styles.


  • The Brand Rep or Ambassador will provide high quality photos using natural light. Photos must be bright, clear, and uncluttered.
  • Brand Reps or Ambassadors are required to post 4 unique images per month on their own social media.
  • Email the images you post each month plus a few additional. We love to have several pictures to choose from!
  • Email all unwatermarked high resolution photos to
  • Photos must be emailed within 7-14 days of receiving the items.
  • Fashionistots reserves the right for unlimited use of any and all photos provided on all social media accounts, advertisement, and website.


  • Brand Ambassadors are required to make at least ONE purchase per month and will be given a 25% discount code to use on all purchases made. Discount codes will be provided upon acceptance and once the search has ended.
  • Brand Ambassadors will receive 1-2 free items (chosen by Fashionistots) per month, in exchange for high quality photos.
  • Brand Reps are required to make at least TWO purchases per month and will be given a 25% discount code to use on all purchases made. Discount codes will be provided upon acceptance and once the search has ended.
  • Brand Reps will have the potential to earn free items.


  1. Each member of our team will be given a unique 10% off referral code to share with friends, family, and social media followers for the duration of the term.
  2. Based on monthly sales using your unique referral code, you will be given 15% of all sales you generated in product credit on Product credits will be sent on the 19th of the following month and will have to be used within 90 days.
  3. Our team members will be the first ones to know about new products and pre-order.
  4. Exposure on Fashionistots' social media and website
  5. Lots of love, fun, support, and appreciation.


If you are exceeding our expectations, and going above and beyond the terms as outlined above, we may provide you with additional products to thank you for all of your hard work.


We have the right to withdraw you from the contract anytime if we find you are not abiding by our terms. 

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